Declaration Project


What should the declaration I submit to ‘My Declaration’ look like?

Does it have to resemble in any way our July 4, 1776 declaration? Does it have to be as lengthy, and follow the same structure? No. You have license to construct it as you’d like. Feel free to use images and even videos, whatever best enables and inspires you to express yourself via a declaration. Please be sure to sign your name to your post and say where you’re from. 

Which declarations do you choose to include?

First of all, the collection is far from complete. But we’re off to a good start. That said, many of the Declarations we’re compiling for the ‘Declaration Collection’ are meant to prompt us to think long and hard about what kinds of freedom and liberty matter most to us, and what we’re willing to do to achieve them. Many of the declarations are issued within societies that already are considered open and democratic to some degree, and often are meant to serve as clarion calls that ask us, in their way, what we’re willing to do to bring the promise of a free society more into alignment with actual practice, and to recognize the contradictions between our professed ideals and the way things actually are — in particular to open our eyes and see that some or many segments within society remain oppressed. Many ask us to consider whether what is claimed to be an open society, even a democracy, really is so, or if this is not the case at all. They tend to be calls for actions, calls to conscience, and often aim to bring together people of quite diverse beliefs for what is claimed to be a common or higher good.

Many declarations, including some in our collection, claim to be of the same spirit and ethos of that of our own Founders, and many use the same language, structure, rhetoric. The ‘best’ might rouse a sluggish or complacent citizenry to spring into action in the civic sphere. They might be calls to spark greater citizen engagement and connectivity, in the name of achieving greater freedom, independence, liberty. The ‘worst’ might claim to seek these ends, but in fact have the opposite in mind, and ultimately divide and oppress. But in all cases, from those that genuinely seek to set humankind free, to those that claim to but do not, they are worth delving into, and hopefully they will inspire you further to develop and discover your own political voice, and to tap into your revolutionary heritage in ways that help bring society’s promise more into alignment with actual practice.

Can I submit declarations that I come across for inclusion in the Declaration Collection?

Absolutely. We welcome submissions of declarations for consideration to be included in our Declaration Collection. Be sure to include as much information as you can about the declarations you submit and why you think they belong in the Declaration Collection. We may not always include the declarations sent to us, but deeply appreciate any and all that are sent to us.

Can I submit more than one declaration for ‘My Declaration’?

Yes, feel free to submit more than one, if the spirit so moves you. Also feel free to write a MyDeclaration with others — like our own Founders did — if that’s what you prefer.

Can I send to The Declaration Project declarations that have been written over the ages, if I don’t see it on your site?

Please do, and tell us all you can about the declaration(s) you send, and where we can check it out as well.