Editor’s Note: I first found mention of this valiant Declaration on The Federalist’s website: [It’s worth mentioning that as soon as I then accessed this Declaration on Facebook, my account was immediately locked, with Facebook then writing me to say that someone may have tried to access my account without my knowledge/consent. Hmmm… I wonder what government would be behind this. P.S. Here also is about when an updated version was first posted on Twitter, on April 22, 2022:

中华大地 民风淳朴
辛勤耕耘 安居乐业
黄俄共党 骗夺政权
人祸灾难 文革饥荒

Within the Chinese Territory, people are mostly humble, hard-working and simply wishing to make a good living. The Russian communist inspired CCP, used deception to in power and deliverately made disasters to have killed millions, created the famine of the Cultural Revolution.

中共罪恶 数不胜数
引用参考 讨习檄文
习魔上台 倒行逆拖
​经济崩溃 民怨四起

The crimes of the CCP are countless. Whereby I cited to make references for this transcript. Since Xi came to power, he acted perversely, the booming economy of China collapsed, and people’s grievances are rife and continue to grow.

小学文化 独掌大权
满嘴谎言 错字连篇
民生不顾 驭民五术
​党同伐异 权斗不止

Xi is elementary school educated, solely command the power of dictatorship in China. He is full of lies and often have mispronunciation of words when he speaks. Citizen’s livings are disregarded under his government and Xi uses the give techniques of people taming to slave its population, also the fights for power struggle within the CCP have never stopped, but the people aways suffer.

一带一路 到处撒币
穷兵黩武 耗尽国库
巧取豪夺 强征强拆
​忠诚无我 妄称一尊

Along the Belt and Road, money is thrown everywhere, the country’s economy is tanked, and the state’s treasury is exhausted. The people have been taken advantage of, having their properties forcibly requisitioned and demolished. Xi Demands loyalty without oneself and claimed himself – His Majesty.

管控媒体 洗脑宣传
铁链囚女 泯灭人性
制造病毒 强迫疫苗
封城清零 草菅人命

The CCP controlled all the media, use propaganda to brainwash its people persistently. They chained and keep young girls in cages. The CCP are the enemy of the mankind. They created the biochemical viruses spreading to the world and forcefully mandate vaccines in China, locking down cities and isolating and leaving the people who are positive to die in the virus concentration camps.

应急管理 取代执法
封闭小区 拉去隔离
医院拒诊 病死家里
​反复核酸 解封无望

Xi Used Emergency Act to have replaced the existing law and order system to have the country completely ruled by himself. Xi’s gangs shut down communities and residential quarters and pull its residents to the isolation. The hospital refused to admit patients and patients have to die at home.

俄中勾结 祸乱世界
黄俄计划 必遭反噬
私生太子 篡改宪法
强统台湾 复辟帝制

Putin and the CCP are colluded to bring disasters to the world. The project “Yellow Russia” will be regurgitated. Xi has an illegitimate son and he falsified the Constitution and wish to forcibly unify Taiwan to restore his imperial system for his own generations to rule China.

非法政府 拒绝民选
剥夺自由 暴力共产
民主沉沦 一党独裁
​列宁组织 罪恶之源

The illegal government of China, refused general election. They deprived the liberty of the people. The violent communism makes democracy sunk. One-party dictatorship, a totalitarian regime. A Lenin’s organization, the source of evil.

青天白日 人权宪政
自由开放 民主选举
光复民国 或可借鉴
此时不动 更待何时

Under the sun and the sky, and the human rights are constitutional. The freedom and openness, the democratic elections, the restoration of the Republic of China alike democratic system are our demands to overthrow the CCP. We can wait no further.

各省自治 公投独立
通过法律 发布宣言
建立国会 民国宪法
​选举总统 后再联邦

The provinces of China should become self-governing and the independent referendum should be held. Through the law, each province can issue its own declaration of independence. Establish the National Assembly, create the Constitution for China. Elect a President, and create a federation by inviting a willing province one at a time.

檄文灭共 宣言独立
天赋人权 捍卫自由
三权分立 分权制衡
民主宪法 人人平等

The transcript is written for the annihilation of the Communist Party and declaration of independence, endowed with human rights and defending the right of freedom. There will be segregation of powers and balancing powers by regulations and governance. With democratic constitution, equality is for all.

推倒网墙 放开言论
建立自媒 监督政府
合法持枪 保护私产
​捍卫枪权 宪法保障

Smashing down the great firewalls of the Internet and free the right of speech. Establishing independent medias to monitor the government. Allowing rights to own a gun and to protect private property. Defending the right to owning a gun is the guarantee for constitutions.

庄严宣布 独立自治
脱离中共 断绝一切
捍卫自由 捍卫人权
​联合申明 共同宣誓

We are solemnly pronouncing, the independence and autonomy of all provinces of China to break away from the CCP and cut off all connections to the evil regime. Defend freedom, defend human rights, make joint declarations, take the joint oath.