One Nation, Under Division

We believe that the media is dividing the United States. Social media, news broadcasts, and all other medias are tearing our country apart. People will believe almost anything that they hear without educating themselves on the issues presented to us today. The media is very biased as to who they want to run the country and even belittle the opinion and beliefs of the people who do not agree with them. People trust the media so much that they rely on them to formulate their opinions for them.

A good example of this is one going to a political rally then coming home and watching the local news station twist around the words of the candidate. Media always picks negative stories over positive stories, therefore it needs to be more unbiased and let the country think for themselves. Different forms of media should not defend a political party or diminish the opposing party. This will lead to an unbiased media and give American citizen’s the freedom to think for themselves and entitle themselves to their own opinion. If we all took a little time out of our day to do our homework on the candidate’s of each election we could form our own opinions instead of listening to who the media wants us to vote for.  Another solution could be to boycott all forms of media and stick by your beliefs

— Ryan Fitzgerald, Calvin Bost, Lauren Jones, Hannah Lackey. St. Louis Community College, St. Louis, MO