Our Declaration Against Fomenting Fear

In the course of this election, Trump has spoken out against different races and groups of people in a negative way, which offended many people.  Instead of Trump offending the good Muslims around the world, he should accept help from them to help America.  Trump has offended women, people of different races, people from different countries, and homosexuals.  Now that he is the president elect, many people are afraid of what is to come.  To diminish this fear, Trump should formally apologize for the widespread cultural panic he has indicated.  Also he should provide a plan to make amends with all groups of people.  The plan should cooperate with the different demographics in a timely manner.  Attending cultural gatherings and advocating for their increased rights would prove undoubtedly his acceptance of every man, woman, or child.  Furthermore, with every new press conference, Trump needs to change his word choices from being very blunt to something less offensive.  Instead of Trump offending and upsetting the people of America, he should be setting an example for us and help to unite us as one.

— Brooklyn Frank, Ibrakhim Yurdanidze, Kelsey Seifried, Daniel Klau, students, St. Louis Community College, St. Louis, MO