Declaration Project

In the course of human experience, it has become necessary to educate the general populace to the extent that they are able to have an equal opportunity for success and financial stability. In our current education system any individual who attempts to obtain a reasonable vocation, must first traverse through the business-like institution which is the modern college structure.

High school education used to be the standard for reasonable employment; however, the majority of modern careers require a minimum 2-years of college education. Whereas high school is free, mandatory, and obtainable by all, many collegiate programs are only accessible to those who are financially fortunate.

We do not believe college should be free, due to the possibility of wasted resources; we do believe however, college should be an option for all high school graduates through reasonable means. Colleges and professors would still receive the necessary funds for continual function, but most of the capital would be siphoned from other government programs rather than from the pockets of already-financially unstable students. With the increase in demand of educated workers, and the parallel rise of student debt, this solution should be implemented as soon as possible.

— Logan Winston, Mason Brooks, Joseph De Perata; Mt Shasta High School, Mt Shasta, CA