Many people have personal information held in a digital format.  Individuals often take the security of their information for granted.  There is a need for data encryption in our society.  Although this currently exists, there is often a negative connotation associated with it often brought forth by government.  The Apple vs FBI case in the spring of 2016 is an illustration of the fight for uncrackable encryption.  Some people take the perspective that they have nothing to “hide” and therefore don’t have a use for encryption. The government in our country should be mediated in the access they have to our personal information. There are many cases in this day and age that we do not realize how compromised our data security is.

There is a necessity for strong encryption in our technology to deter individuals with malicious intentions and regulate the access of our data to any group or party.  Both stored data and network communications should not be within the grasp of the world.  When given the ability, encrypt your data and try to ensure that your privacy is maintained.

— Drew Miller, Mt. Shasta, CA