This declaration states that all people are entitled to equal and civil rights.

As seen throughout history, we as a nation and world have struggled with the distribution of equal rights to all human beings, especially women. “Globally, women make up just 22% of parliamentarians” (Source: Inter-Parliamentary Union 2014), while the pay gap between men and women is unbelievable, being that full-time working women make 77% of what their male counterparts make. There is also widespread political unfairness: “violence against women and girls is a global issue with 1 in 3 women across the world experiencing violence” (Source: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine 2013).

If this does not shock you, there are many other studies, facts, and statistics that prove how unfairly women are still treated in modern  society. This topic is important because we still have not learned that we are the same, and that we deserve to be treated with respect, no matter our ethnicity, skin color, or gender.

As a woman myself, I have seen and been in situations where being a women does not mean as much as being a male, such as abilities to play certain sports or activities, or being looked down upon for trying to do something only a “boy can do.” Being objectified like a piece of meat doesn’t really make me feel like I belong here. To change people’s minds all around the world, we all need to come together to make aware the lack of attention and equality all women are receiving.

In order to achieve this goal of more equality given to women, there are some conditions that need to be addressed.

  1. We, as a whole country, and world, need to be more accepting towards women and their actions. Whether a young girl wants to play football, or a grown woman wants to become President of the United States of America, they should not be discouraged. Discouragement is the first thing to rid of, and support is the first thing we need to accept.
  2. We need to recognize when women are not being treated equally, and take action to change it. If a woman or person of any kind is being mistreated, step up for what is right. Make yourself the hero by teaching someone how people are supposed to be treated.
  3. We need to take action in our own communities to help promote equal women’s rights. Have a rally, make some signs, write a poem, anything! Make people aware of this issue.
  4. We need to spread the word and raise awareness about women and many other people being treated unequally, and how we can change it. Get some people together to help you fight — fight for equality, by making others aware. Create a chain reaction that spreads worldwide.

Women are people too, so why aren’t we treated like people? Now is the time to change that and make a difference.

— Emma Filkowski, Student, Harwood Union High School, Moretown, Vermont