Planned Parenthood is an amazing organization for women (and men) in need. It provides medical benefits for women who can’t otherwise access them in one way or another. The organization provides help and information about abortion, birth control, general health care, women’s health, pregnancy, sex, and STD’s. This is information some women don’t have access to otherwise. Women have a right to this information and these resources and it shouldn’t be threatened. People should care because it is a fundamental right, and if you were in the situation where you needed what Planned Parenthood had to offer, wouldn’t you want the services that they provide? “Right now, women’s health opponents are pushing to defund Planned Parenthood health centers nationwide, cutting off millions of patients from essential care like birth control, cancer screenings, and access to safe and legal abortion” ( You can support the services Planned Parenthood provides by donating on their website.

— Mya Wilson, Makayla LaPerle, Michaela Magee, Students @ Harwood Union High School, Moretown, Vermont