Video Games — and video game design courses — need to be encouraged in high schools, rather than suppressed.  Why? Because these games can be shared and enjoyed by anyone, regardless of any language barriers. Video games can be a virtual world with unlimited possibilities, with no physical harm to others. The gaming industry has become a profession with a countless number of followers, and so video game use should be encouraged, as should video game design.

The industry has already developed advanced game technology, such as virtual reality. Virtual reality is indeed the future, because it allows anyone to be immersed in a simulated world. People such as soldiers, doctors, or teachers, can use virtual reality (or VR) to help with their productivity. VR is expected to grow in revenue from 685 million U.S dollars in 2015 to approximately 3.85 billion in 2018. So it is definitely a growing topic in the U.S that simply cannot be ignored.  

Video games can be played by anyone, and in a beneficial way if used correctly. They can be used to help children with disabilities, can help with education, with soldiers, etc.. No matter the age, anyone young or old can pick up a controller or mouse and play games. It can quell anger, and make someone happy. Therefore, it seems fitting to say it has become a big part of most individual’s lives, whether through computer games, or mobile, or console gaming.

Some high schools are offering Video Game Design, but more should, since colleges offer courses in professional Game Design. The reason that schools should offer Game Design course, is that the gaming community has grown to about 155 million people, with four out of five houses with a dedicated gaming system. There are many careers and professions that center around video games. So encourage your school representatives to allow video game-related courses in your schools. Acknowledge the importance and the successful industry of gaming. Because the future of gaming is a virtual world in which you are the main character.

— Chun Tao Lin, Harwood Union High School, Moretown, VT