We Should Have Gun Safety At A Young Age


1.Kids don’t understand how to properly treat a gun

When young children see a gun they don’t think that it is bad to pick it up and point it at their friends. The Saint Petersburg police department went to a school and hid unloaded guns in bins around the room and taught the kids safety and then “left”. As you can see from this report by ABC http://abcnews.go.com/2020/video/young-kids-guns-parents-22325589 most of the children immediately picked it up and waved it around and pointed at their friends. If this was real and wasn’t unloaded and modified, the kids would have shot each other.

2.They don’t know where to aim it and how to be safe

Professor Sanfillippo said, “For whatever reason it’s a natural thing to look down the barrel.”  A student as reported by ABC did this, “Right afterwards, this young boy is narrating what he’s doing as he’s crossing the line, “I’m touching it. I’m pulling it.” His friend shows this is how you check to see if a gun is real. I’m just seeing if it’s real. Finally after they’ve had time to play, they get around to those rules. Help! Help! We found a gun. Two guns. I mean three! Wait no two guns!”

3.They don’t exactly know what a gun is used for

When kids see guns they think it is a toy and do not think anything bad about it. In a social experiment made by a prankster. www.youtube.com/watch?v=IT97glI8fB0 He left a gun in a playground with permission from the parent to see what the kid would do. The young boy found the gun and eventually went to his mom with it after breaking many rules.

4.They don’t know any rules

Children do not know any or many rules of gun safety. The rules of gun safety for children is, Stop, Don’t touch, Leave the area, and Tell an adult. All they did was play with it. Most of the children didn’t even tell an adult they put it back when they heard the door opening.


We need gun safety in all schools. The reason young kids shoot up schools is because they think that it is fun for them to show their friends their parents’ guns. There was a kid (his name will remain anonymous) who brought a homemade taser to school to show his friends. They caught him and confiscated it, but he got in big trouble.  You can lead the charge for Gun safety by telling people you know how to properly handle a gun. Stand up and spread the word.


Made by-Anthony Busalacchi 8th Grade, Manalapan, NJ