Freedom for Children

In 2045, the last frontier of human inequality will have vanished.

Kids will be socially and legally known as the full equals to adults.

Never again will we see a parent treating a beautiful toddler as a prisoner.

Violence and domination that are illegal from adult to adult will also be illegal from adult to child.

No more “grounding.” No more spanking. No more forced medical procedures like the one that gave me PTSD when I was three years old.

In 2045, the beautiful and innocent kids of our world will be as free as everyone else – as free as they deserve to be.

And when kids learn freedom and being respected from the earliest minutes of their lives, they will grow up knowing how to create and propagate a world of respect, freedom, and peace.

That’s my utopia. A world where the littlest people are just as free as the biggest.

Why wait? Let’s start now.

Freedom for Children: Target 2045. Implementation 2015.

Ramona Herrera
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Also posted on the amazing Back to the Future Campaign website.

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