Although a private and not a public citizen, I declare the historic “Constitution of the United States” to be outdated and unable to adequately serve the modern needs of society.

If enough leaders in government were in any way competent to fight social problems, then the Constitution would really not be so outdated. This very day (11/12/15), a gathering of various state leaders commenced at my home town of Salt Lake City to seek opportunities to facilitate a first-ever convention for the future ratification of a constitutional amendment, in order to actually forward the possibility that states can accomplish such reform. This is a good initiative, but doubtless there are few Americans who are aware of it, due to the characteristic failure of the press —  despite the standard practice of syndication and republishing of articles of national interest — to bring such opportunities to better public awareness.

Further bearing upon the potential for constitutional reform is whether broadened powers of publication enjoyed by the public via internet blogs and postings serve to sadly dilute the quality of philosophic thought. If so, then no amount of popular fervor to recapture the vision of revolutionary café and tavern dialogue is likely to increase the wisdom or practical power of the citizenry.

The best hope for improved democracy is for a truly superior thinker to publish a book of such novel or well-reasoned “opportunities” for reform that it would popularly outshine the rest of the new social theory. It would be tragic if nowhere in this world, whether in the U.S. or abroad, a brilliant sociologist or political theorist could see any personal advantage in writing a book in the style necessary to effectively eclipse the ever-cheapening accumulation of opinion, intellectual or subjective, which too often entertains those who need more weight and substance in their own thought.

Jefferson had rightly feared that the public might someday take the popular, political success of others as an excuse to — in my own words — consider themselves well-educated and well served.

— Marc Iverson, Salt Lake City, Utah


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