Declaration of Perception

The Declaration of Perception is about how I feel about what’s going on in the world around me that affects me. It will be informal – but my whole Declaration is about opening our eyes.

Media Outrage: the media is out of control and will escalate everything that pertains to “black” and “white” crimes that have been committed. It’s crazy how much the media influences the world, but for some reason the media itself is “dumbing” down the viewers. What should we do to fix this? Break down the big brothers of the Media. About 90% of the things that we watch is controlled and owned by 6 major companies. They could easily influence us and change the tide of our lives by manipulating stories and turn us against each other.

“Insecurity”: by insecurity, I don’t mean having trust issues developed because of failed relationships. Gender roles are not the same as they were centuries ago. The world doesn’t live in a “man’s world;” the world is evolving to finally accepting women as equals of males. A man doesn’t just go to work and come home to a home-cooked meal and a loving family; rather, in today’s world the man will probably come back and not even see his wife because she too works. Simple-minded citizens can’t accept homosexuality or transgender; they can’t accept it because it’s a “taboo”. Just a couple centuries ago Slavery was legal. Africans in America were not treated like human beings. The country was created where all “White” men were created equal. Now we have an African American President, but it’s all “taboo” right? If a man wants to go outside wearing a sun dress and high heels, let him be. If a woman wants to go outside with cargos, sneakers, and a baseball tee, let her be. It’s their own business, and we shouldn’t judge them because of the choice that they make. We’re all unique individuals and nobody is the same. How can we cure these “insecurities”? By not being ignorant and try and learn and see things the way they see it, even if we don’t agree with one another… who are we to judge?

— Josef Nazareno,  Florida State College at JacksonvilleRandom mindlessly ranting citizen of Earth to relieve some stress